Coalition Of Christian Bloggers

Location: Oklahoma, United States

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Hello and Welcome to the Coalition of Christian Bloggers!

This website was created by the Boy Scout Blogger, a young Christian Eagle Scout growing up in the Midwest. It was designed to be a place where Christian bloggers could gather and display their blogs. If you would like to join the Christian Coalition, please leave a comment with your blog address, and we will look into adding you to our blog roll. The websites to be added will be at my sole discretion and will have to live up to standards listed below.

1. The blog must be a Christian run blog.
2. The blog must have no profanity, immodesty, or other objectionable material.
3. A blog may be removed from the blog roll at any time with out warning and for no apparent reason.

I would also encourage Christian Bloggers to link to us here at Christian Coalition.

Thank you for your interest in the Christian Coalition!
The Blogging Boy Scout,